EXHIBITION: Art in a Bookshell, St. Paul's School, London 26th Feb - 17th Mar 2015

For Art in a Bookshell we exhibited one new work of art ('and all we are left with is the world') and a new work in progress (Between One hand and Another).


'and all we are left with is the world' is a triptych about perception. It consists of three artist’s books and three viewing lenses on a window sill in the gallery. The books contain scholarly quotes on optics, solipsism, and sensory experience. The lenses guide viewer’s attention to the book and then through it and into the warped space beyond, inviting us to consider the systems of perception as part of our relationship with the surrounding environment.

Detail from Video.

Detail from Video.
'Between One Hand and Another' is a looped video that explores book as a physical and tactile object, embedded with cliches, assumptions, private memories and feelings. This video presents a collage of interviews with the regular visitors to Tate South Lambeth library, who were asked to close their eyes and to talk about a book placed in their hands. Each response reflects on their private histories with books as well as stereotyped references to book culture, both merged with newly discovered sensual qualities of book as an object: an object in space and in memory.

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