EXHIBITION: 'in the reflected sky' for Art Language Location, Cambridge, 15th October 2014

As part of Art Language Location Collective Investigations exhibited a new work entitled 'in the reflected sky', inpired by the opening lines of Vladmimir Nabokov's 'Pale Fire', where the protagonist watches a waxwing fly into the window pane. 

The artwork was made for the Casimir Lewy Philosophy Library (University of Cambridge) and examines our perception of reality through the fluid world of reflections.

'in the reflected sky' consists of:
1. A window text.
2. Sky bookmarks, that punctuated the Casimir Lewy Philosophy Library, which served as a threshold between Nabokov’s poem and other academic writings.
3. A publication that crystalises the work.

Window Text - Exterior View.     Photo credit: Egidija Ciricaite

Window Text - Interior View.     Photo credit: Egidija Ciricaite

Bookmarks in Situ. Photo credit:     Egidija Ciricaite



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