BOOK: Goethe's Divan for Divination

Goethe's Divan for Divination is a 56-page book, based on The West-Eastern Divan by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Goethe's Divan for Divination:  Cover
The book takes a selection of Goethe's romantic and colourful poems and makes them suitable for bibliomantic study. The connection is that Goethe's work in the Divan was inspired by the poetry of the Persian poet Hafez, whose work in turn is said to be used to tell the future.

Goethe's Divan for Divination: Introduction

The book is designed as a playful introduction to Geothe's poetry and includes the original annotations from Alexander Rogers' 1890 translation.

Goethe's Divan for Divination: Face Down

The book was made for the exhibition Poiesis, at the ArtSpace, Dusseldorf and was exhibited from 10th January to 8th February 2014. See here for more details.

Goethe's Divan for Divination: Interior.
The design of the book has changed a couple of times since it was first exhibited. This is the original cover design:

Original cover design. As featured in the exhibition Poiesis.



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