PROJECT: Between the Actual and Possible

Between the Actual and Possible is a site-specific artwork created for the exhibition Codex: Between This and That at the bookartbookshop, Hoxton (19th April - 3rd May 2013).

The artwork comprises four stacks of paper (designed to look like pages torn from a book) located at four points in the bookshop.  Each stack has a text which tells a story that weaves into the shop and specifically refers to the place in the shop that the stack is located.

As well as this narrative the sheets also contain a QR code, which can be scanned using a smartphone.  The QR code is a barcode that links an evolving, online version of the text.  Through a series of daily revisions, the text changes.

In the title (Between the Actual and Possible) 'the actual' refers to the static nature of the codex (or the torn sheets on display in the shop) and 'the possible' refers to the series of online revisions, the potential for the text to change in the more fluid, virtual realm.

The stories that weave through the work, touch on existing books in the shop, including books by Helen Douglas and Simon Cutts, as well the publisher Atlas Press and their books on Alfred Jarry. To read the complete text visit:

You can purchase all four sheets along with other exhibition ephemera:

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